The Team

Bibi Zwetsloot

In 2006 Bibi Zwetsloot finished her post graduate studies of Applied Creativity and Concept Development at Hallo Academy. This is where she was inspired by the motto: “Everything is an opportunity”. And it has become a part of her mode of being ever since. She loves to see all the possibilities in interiors. Sometimes this results in putting a bathtub in the living room or making a bicycle trailer out of old cardboard boxes. She loves recycling and up-cycling materials. She knew she found her passion when she studied Interior Design, and graduated Cum Laude.


She loves to see the possibilities for making spaces feel wonderful to be in, and suited to the people who live in them.





Josh Waggy

Josh Waggy grew up in a family of carpenters and started his carpentry business, Picidae Habilis (The Handy Woodpecker), in 2009, soon after he met Bibi through the Burning Man Festival and moved to Amsterdam. He has worked on building ecological houses, straw-bale houses, pre-fabricated houses, renovations of homes and businesses, custom furniture, built-in furniture, cabinets and closets, kitchens, displays for shops and exhibitions, flooring, staircases, various types of sound and thermo insulation and much more.


His motivation is the joy of creating beautiful things. His mission is to work with his clients in accordance with their specific wishes, finding clever solutions to problems (there's always a way), recycling and up-cycling, and doing it all in the most ecological and economic way possible.